Need help finding good quality coverage for your
employees at a reasonable cost?
Do you and your family have the
coverage you need - at a price
you can afford?
What does the Affordable Care Act mean
for you and your business?


Binzer Benefits Group puts over 25 years of benefits expertise to work for you. Whether you are an individual or business, we use our vast experience and creativity to find cost-saving solutions. With extensive knowledge of the Affordable Care Act, we can also help you and your company navigate today’s ever-changing regulatory climate.


With Binzer, you have a real partner. We get to know your specific needs and goals. We not only help you find quality, attractive benefits, while carefully managing costs, we take all of the paperwork and other headaches off of your plate!


Binzer Benefits Group is as dedicated to serving the needs of individuals and families as it is to serving businesses. If you need health, dental, disability, life, or long-term care insurance, we are here to help!


In addition to implementing and administering employee benefits, our comprehensive service includes COBRA administration and Affordable Care Act compliance reporting as well as assistance with payroll and retirement benefits.


Our customer service truly sets us apart. Completely dedicated to you, we pride ourselves on being ultimately accessible. Whether you are an individual or group employee, you will always be able to reach us – in person, by phone, etc. From finding and maintaining benefits to answering coverage questions and assisting with claims, we are here to help you every step of the way!

Have questions about your coverage? We are always here to help!

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